The Best Time to Visit Phuket

The Best Time to Visit Phuket

Choosing the Best Time to Visit Phuket

Phuket in January

As with choosing where to stay in Phuket, choosing the best time to visit depends on personal preferences and budget.

Phuket is an all year round holiday destination but there is a "dry season" where consistently fine weather draws by far the largest number of tourists.

However, good weather is possible at any time of year and Phuket during the less busy months can still provide a wonderful tropical vacation but for a lot less money than going in the high season. Air fares are much lower and, with "discount-wars" occurring among the Phuket resorts, its possible to get even luxury accommodation at less than half the high season price.

Phuket Tour Bookings : There are many different types of land and sea tours available that either start or pass through Phuket. From short, local sight-seeing trips to multi-day tours and live-aboard cruises around Phi Phi and other Andaman islands. A list of what's on offer can be viewed at Phuket Tours and Trips from Tourradar.

Phuket Rainfall and Humidity chart

Phuket in January

High Season Peak
Phuket Climate Stats January

The most popular month with tourists. Rainfall is very low with most days bringing clear blue skies and low humidity.

The Good :
  • Lots of sunshine likely.
  • Calm seas ideal for swimming at the beach and scuba diving or launch trips.
  • Nightlife has a good party atmosphere.
The Not So Good :
  • Roads in the towns are busy.
  • Highest prices for travel, accommodation and shopping.
  • Patong in particular can get very crowded but for those who want more peaceful surroundings there are plenty of quieter areas to stay in such as Kata Beach , Surin or the tranquil Laguna Lakes.
Lots of people holidaying in Phuket also have a few nights in Bangkok. Visit to find the best locations and learn how to get around the city quickly.

Phuket in February

High Season Peak
Phuket Climate Stats February

Nearly as popular as January with a good chance of perfect weather. The townships will be busy as will the roads and beaches.

The Good :
  • Sunshine on most days with relatively low humidity.
  • Calm sea conditions suited for swimming, diving and launch trips
  • Busy nightlife scene.
  • Chinese New Year for 2018 (Year of the Dog starts on the 16th). Celebrations usually include impressive fireworks displays.
  • A better chance of decent discounts on hotels than in January. These will often be offered as late booking specials if they find themselves with too much unsold inventory.
The Not So Good :
  • Traffic in the towns can get congested.
  • High prices for travel, accommodation and shopping.
  • Bookings for hotels and particularly flights are best made early to be sure of getting the best accommodation.
Phuket is a Big Island ! Make sure you don’t end up miles from the best parts and read the where to stay section before booking your hotel.

Phuket in March

High Season Month
Phuket Climate Stats March

The average temperatures creep up slightly as the hottest time of year approaches with sunny days still being the norm. The high season crowds drop off a little and some hotels start offering reduced rates. A good month to consider.

The Good :
  • Low rainfall and mostly hot sunny days.
  • Sea conditions are good for swimming, diving and launch trips.
  • Plenty of night time entertainment and day time shopping with slightly smaller crowds than January and February
  • Accommodation prices tend to be lower than January and February with some hotels offering special discounts.
The Not So Good :
  • Traffic in the towns is still quite busy.
Although March is still considered part of the high season, some hotels start offering discounts as the tourist numbers start to diminish. Visit the Phuket hotels page on the Agoda site to see a list of the what's available.

Phuket in April

High Season Ends
Phuket Climate Stats April

The  hottest time of year and also the month of the Songkran water festival which celebrates the start of the Thai new year and involves everyone enthusiastically dousing each other with water. For visitors who enter into the spirit of things it can be an amazingly fun experience though others, hoping for rest and relaxation, may find it a great inconvenience as its almost impossible to go outside without getting drenched if you stay in the towns.

Many people flock to Phuket specifically to join in the celebrations which means once again that early bookings for both flights and hotels are advisable. The water-throwing celebrations in Phuket usually last for seven days.

while April generally produces the highest average temperatures of the year there is also an increased chance of rainfall especially towards the end of the month.

The Good :
  • Good chance of many sunny days.
  • The last month of usually stable sea conditions. Visibility for diving tends to deteriorate in the following months.
  • Songkran (official days are 13th - 15th) attracts many visitors. The bars in Patong do huge business during the water festival days which usually lasts for seven days.
  • April hotel prices are generally lower than the high season with plenty of special deals on offer.
The Not So Good :
  • The road accident rate during Songkran is high.
  • Hottest time of the year.
Songkran Tip : The roads during Songkran water celebrations can be very dangerous so its a good idea to book a hotel either within walking distance of the action or, if you want to escape the mayhem, very far away from it (particularly Central Patong). Go to to read about Phuket’s locations.

Phuket in May

Low Season Starts
Phuket Climate Stats May

Although the average temperature drops slightly its offset by a rise in humidity. Rainfall increases dramatically making May one of the wettest times of year though decent periods of sunshine can occur between the often short showers. Fair weather is more likely in the early part of the month as the rainy season has been known to arrive "late".

A major reduction in tourist numbers marks the start of the low season. There are lots of cheap package holidays on offer and most hotels offer big discounts sometimes by more than 50%..

The Good :
  • The high season crowds disappear creating a more relaxing atmosphere in the towns and on the main beaches.
  • Still plenty of nightlife fun though many bars are quiet.
  • Even if it rains its still warm and its still possible to strike calm sunny days.
The Not So Good :
  • One of the wettest months of the year.
  • Overall humidity is high throughout the day and evening.
  • Sea conditions deteriorate and are less suitable for launch trips or scuba diving.
Accommodation Discounts : the month of May might be a bit wet sometimes but it does have the benefit of low-season offers on hotels.

Phuket in June

Low Season Month
Phuket Climate Stats June

June gets regular periods of rain but usually a lot less than the wettest months of the low season.

A good chance of some dry fine periods together with the low season prices make this one of the best low season months to consider visiting Phuket.

The Good :
  • Cheaper flights to Thailand and much cheaper hotels.
  • A good chance of sunshine.
  • Crowds are gone and towns such as Patong become almost peaceful.
  • Still plenty of nightlife fun but many bars are quiet. Often you will get much friendlier service as bars and restaurants try harder to encourage you to return.
The Not So Good :
  • Its likely to rain on many days though usually in short-lived thunderstorms.
  • Sea state can be bad for launch trips or scuba diving
Private Pools : a good chance of sunny days along with low-season hotel offers makes June a good time to look for bargains on one of Phuket’s many private-pool villas.

Phuket in July

Low Season Month
Phuket Climate Stats July

July has similar weather to June but slightly more rain on average. Luck with the weather is needed but, with sunny days still being quite common and prices for accommodation being very low, July is one of the better months in the rainy season to consider.

The Good :
  • Cheap flights to Thailand and plenty of discounts on Phuket hotels.
  • Towns and beaches are not crowded.
  • Still some fun nightlife but quiet compared to the high season. Note : some people prefer this.
  • Even if it rains its still warm and its still possible to strike calm sunny days.
The Not So Good :
  • Rain is quite common.
  • Sea state can be bad for launch trips or scuba diving

Phuket in August

Low Season Month
Phuket Climate Stats August

Along with June and July this is also a good rainy season month to consider visiting Phuket. Rainfall often comes in short intense bursts punctuated with periods of sunshine.

A fair chance of sunny weather between showers, low season prices and smaller numbers of tourists can make August a pleasant time to be there.

Air fares and accommodation prices generally reach rock bottom from August to October as airlines and hotels compete aggressively to fill inventories. Many regular visitors are prepared to take their chances with the weather in order to save sometimes more than 50% on their trip.

The Good :
  • Low season prices on flights with many hotel discounts available..
  • Towns and beaches are uncrowded..
  • Nightlife more relaxed.
  • Still a good chance of sunny days.
The Not So Good :
  • Quite a few periods of rain.
Rainy Season Suggestion : staying in the busy town of Patong will ensure you have plenty of indoor entertainment options if the rain comes down hard.

Phuket in September

Low Season Month
Phuket Climate Stats September

Being usually the wettest month of the year with high humidity makes it hard to recommend visiting Phuket at this time. However, one benefit is that there will be very few other tourists about which often means that you get extra attention from Phuket’s business owners.

The Good :
  • Cheapest flights and hotel deals.
  • Low numbers of other tourists can lead to more friendly service.
  • Roads are relatively quiet in townships.
  • Even when it rains its still warm and sunny days are still possible.
  • There are still some busy nighttime venues and many bars have drinks specials to attract custom.
The Not So Good :
  • Hot and humid.
  • Statistically the wettest month of the year.
  • Not a good time to plan launch trips or scuba diving. Tropical rainstorms can brew very quickly !
Rock Bottom Prices : September is usually one of the wettest months but getting luxury accommodation for a 3 star price might help make up for it. View a list of Phuket hotels and enter dates for August to see !

Phuket in October

Low Season Ends
Phuket Climate Stats October

Another fairly wet month but usually a big improvement over September. Prices and tourist numbers remain very low which along with improving weather as the rainy season approaches its end make October another good month to think about visiting.

The Good :
  • Flights and hotels typically stay at their cheapest rates.
  • Weather can start to improve especially toward the end of the month.
The Not So Good :
  • Its likely to rain on many days.
  • High humidity.
  • Sea condition generally not good for launch trips or scuba diving.

Phuket in November

High Season Starts
Phuket Climate Stats November

Although November is usually considered the start of the high season it should be noted that rainfall is still quite high as the rainy season tails off. For those heading there at this time of year it might be a better bet to choose the latter part of the month.

Tourist numbers start to increase as do hotel rates but with a good chance of nice weather without the overcrowding November is a good month to think about going.

The Good :
  • Although tourist numbers start to increase the towns are not crowded.
  • Nightlife atmosphere improves as bars start to pick up more business. Many of the staff that left Phuket for the low months return to work.
  • A good chance of sunshine especially towards the end of the month.
  • Sea conditions improve and the the "unofficial" scuba diving season starts.
  • Loy Krathong festival usually occurs in November (Thai calendar 12th lunar month full moon). Hundreds of hot air lanterns (khom loi) are released and can be seen floating out to sea.
The Not So Good :
  • It can still rain quite a lot especially early in the month.
  • Traffic in the towns can get congested.
  • High prices for travel, accommodation and shopping.
  • Bookings for hotels and particularly flights are best made early.
Find or Escape the Crowds : Towns such as Patong and Karon can get busy during December but there are plenty of locations on the island for those who prefer peace and quiet. Read more about Phuket’s areas at

Phuket in December

High Season Month
Phuket Climate Stats December

The rainy season should be over by December and if rain does fall it will usually be as short and relatively light showers.

Crowds start to steadily increase as New Year’s Eve approaches but are still lower than the peak months to come. High season prices are generally in full swing though its still possible to get reduced rates at some hotels.

Note: Although a predominantly buddhist country, Thailand still celebrates Christmas at least in a commercial sense. In tourist towns all the usual decorations, traditional turkey dinners and parties can be found at hotels and restaurants.

The Good :
  • Nightlife is in full swing with a fun party atmosphere.
  • Weather is usually very good with lots of sunny days
  • New Years Eve is celebrated enthusiastically around the nightlife areas with fabulous fireworks displays over Patong Beach.
The Not So Good :
  • Not many discounts on flights and hotels.
  • Towns can be very busy but usually not as much so as in January
December is a high season month that attracts large numbers of tourists but there are still plenty of areas on the island where you can escape the crowds. Read the where to stay page on this site or visit to learn where they are.

Phuket's Climate

Thailand's NE and SW Monsoons

Rather than the four season model that many vistors will be used to in their home countries, Phuket's annual weather pattern can be described in just two : the "Dry Season" and the "Rainy or Wet Season". These seasons are dictated by a yearly change in the prevailing "monsoon" wind.

The southwest monsoon affects the island from May to October bringing frequent periods of rain while around November the north east monsoon becomes predominant leading to the dry, sunny months of the holiday high season.

While these weather patterns are quite reliable, the descriptions are very broad so it pays to be aware that it can still rain in the Dry Season and also that there are still many sunny days throughout the Wet Season. One thing you can be sure of is that whichever month you visit Phuket it will always be warm as the year round temperature seldom strays much below 30°C.

Hand-Picked Hotels

Katathani Phuket Beach Resort

Kata Beach

An expansive upmarket tropical getaway resort right next to the attractive and peaceful Kata Noi Beach. The hotel has quality rooms, 6 swimming pools (incl. ocean front pool) and a wide range of services and facilities. Popular with families, this resort is highly rated in guest reviews.
[more at Agoda]

The Shore at Katathani Resort

Kata Beach

Located on a small hill overlooking the ocean and Kata Noi Beach, this resort has 48 villas with their own private infinity pools. The villas are tastefully decorated with spacious balconies and superb sea views. Kata township is a short taxi ride away with Kata Beach requiring a 10 minute walk. Highly rated.
[more at Agoda]

Villa Zolitude Resort


As its name infers, The Villa Zolitude is located in a very quiet part of the island in a green and natural setting. This luxury resort offers very private, high quality private pool villas and may appeal to those looking to get far away from the crowds in luxury surrounds. Highly rated.
[more at Agoda]

Amari Coral Beach


An upmarket medium-sized resort situated at the quiet southern end of Patong Beach making it an ideal place for a relaxing tropical holiday while still being fairly handy to the main shopping and night life (a short tuk tuk ride) of Patong's city centre. Well rated with excellent swimming pools.
[more at Agoda]

Holiday Inn Resort


A large mid-priced resort that is extremely well-rated in guest reviews. Located across the road from Patong Beach, this 405 room hotel offers a range of very comfortable rooms, great swimming pools and a wide range of services and facilities. Handy to night life and shopping. Popular with couples and family groups.
[more at IHG]

Horizon Karon Beach Resort


A 160 room hotel in a quiet area near the southern end of Karon Beach and within walking distance of both Karon and Kata townships. It has comfortable rooms, excellent pools and is generally well rated. This hotel may appeal particularly to families with children or others wishing to escape the city noise.
[more at Agoda]

Sri Panwa Phuket

Panwa Cape

Sri Panwa Hotel

One of the islands best luxury resorts set in a stunning location 60 metres above the sea at the tip of Cape Panwa. The hotel offers a choice of 52 luxurious and spacious villas with either garden or ocean views from their private infinity pools. Very quiet, secluded and romantic. Mostly excellent ratings from guests.
[more at Agoda]


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Ayara Kamala Kamala
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The Pavilions Bang Tao

Private Pool Villas

Villa Zolitude Chalong
Sri Panwa Cape Panwa
The Pavilions Bang Tao
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Sri Panwa Cape Panwa
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